About Bridge Animal Rescue

Bridge Animal Rescue works hard for the welfare of animals of all kinds: wild, companion  and farmed.

In the last year, we've helped:

  • Horses and Ponies

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Pigs, Sheep and Goats

  • Chickens, Turkeys and Geese

  • Foxes and Wild Birds

We do this by direct funding of rescues and sanctuaries - but also we’re often the go-between, spending our time helping animals to safe places as quickly as possible.  We are The Bridge!

Here's what we do:

  • Short-term care in safe spaces, thanks to our supporters
  • Outreach: emergency food and water where and when it's needed
  • Collection of animals for re-homing
  • Placement of animals with safe, established rescues
  • Helping owners who are struggling to maintain the health of their animals
  • Assistance with emergency veterinary care, transport, gelding
  • Co-ordination - working with agencies, charities, vets, Police and individuals  towards the well-being of all kinds of animal

We're lobbying local and national government to campaign for the enforcement of existing animal welfare legislation

Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with animal sanctuaries across the UK.

We’re hands-on too, turning out to rescue or re-home animals ourselves.