When we first got Gracie to a holding field, we had such pleasure to see her running free and enjoying the company of other horses.

Plans were already in hand, and Gracie went to a leading national rescue charity whom we know and trust, with a view to to re-home her; she was going to live a life of luxury in a new five star home.

Gracie experienced love and the best of care and companionship, but she unexpectedly became very lame. She was assessed by an experienced equine vet who advised that her condition was the result of neglect and the unsympathetic treatment she'd endured over many years. Gracie could'nt be a ridden horse any more.

We were sad about this; we'd managed to get her out of her cage and were looking forward to such a beautiful girl leading a full life at last.

Gracie's story didn't turn out as any of us expected or desired; we had had such expectations of her future life - but that was not to be. The reality of horses like Gracie is that they often arrive with problems, some more complex than others.

We always aim to make things better for our animals and give them an opportunity for a happy future, out of harm's way. It's always about what's best for them.

We're still out there, fighting on behalf of those like Gracie. We know we can't fix them all, but we do everything possible to make their lives happy ones.

A beauty in a box... Gracie's story.


Gracie, oh Gracie! Such a beautiful girl. We wanted to help you escape from a life of confinement in a shed. No more being tethered, away from the companionship of horses; no more being driven hard.