Bridge Animal Rescue were contacted through the Fido's shop run by NASSL, to help with rehoming a little blind kitten. The owner couldn't look after Pixie, and we were able to place the kitten with a new loving home. 

Pixie needed special help at first, and we met the veterinary costs.

Pixie is now a happy house cat. We can't do better than repeat the words of her new owner: 

"Pixie joined our family almost a year ago, she is the most loving cat you could ever ask for. Pixie was born totally blind and due to her lack of eyeballs she gets infections in her eye sockets and nostrils.


Pixie’s love and zest for life is outstanding she’s not worried by anything and surprises us daily on what she’s capable of.


We all love her dearly and would highly recommend Bridge Animal Rescue who have supported Pixie throughout her full diagnosis and ongoing treatments.


I would also like to say to everyone NEVER be put off from re-homing an animal with a disability as they’re no different and in many ways can offer you so much more."

Blind from birth...

Pixie's story.


Pixie was born without eyeballs. Somehow her eye sockets formed ok, but her eyes didn't. 


Happily, this hasn't stopped her!